The advantages of TeleCare: Excite and motivate your customers.

In the first of five blogposts, we delve a little deeper into the main advantages that Signia TeleCare and the myHearing App deliver to you and your customers. The first major advantage revolves around the time it takes for a new wearer to acclimatise to their new hearing aid.

myHearing App
Thanks to the myHearing App, the new user can follow step-by-step listening exercises that are engaging and educational. The exercises are broken down into modules so that the wearer is fully familiar with one listening situation, such as listening to birds in a park or holding a conversation in a crowded café, before moving on to the next module.

Guided assistance
Guided assistance helps the wearer to learn more about their hearing aids and what to expect realistically. Not only does this prevent wearers from returning to the practice with unresolved questions that can be addressed directly in the user guide, it also promotes faster acclimatisation by ensuring that they know and understand quickly how hearing aids should feel and sound if they are working correctly. This in turn results in them feeling motivated and excited by their new-found effortless hearing.

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