Offer your customers more comfort with our new Signia Accessories

Signia hearing aids are even more appealing with the new, particularly small remote control miniPocket and the universal TV Transmitter. An accessory is something that no one necessarily needs. But the right accessories often make life considerably easier. This especially applies to the new accessories for Signia hearing aids, because they simplify daily handling of the devices as well as their operation and increases their usefulness.

New: The miniPocket remote control

The new miniPocket is particularly small and therefore meets many hearing aid wearers’ desire for a discreet remote control. With its shape similar to a key chain, it can also be worn as such. All control elements can be intuitively touched. Volume settings and program changes can be made without having to look at them. As an alternative to the smartphone app touchControl, it is compatible with all Signia hearing aids, which can also be remotely operated by an app.

New: The TV Transmitter

In addition to the 3.5 mm stereo input and the RCA (cinch) input (via adapter) of the previous model, the new TV Transmitter has now also been equipped with an optical input. It can therefore be connected to all modern TV devices and stereo systems. easyTek transmits the sound directly into the hearing aids via the streamer, without detectable delay. In addition to LEDs that display the connection status, it has additional buttons for volume adjustment. It is now even easier to use due to its revised user interface.

Proven: The product range

The new accessory complements the proven product range:

  • easyTek connects all Signia e2e wireless hearing aids via Bluetooth with modern communication and consumer electronic devices, also via the TV Transmitter.
  • VoiceLink, an external microphone, also connects with easyTek.
  • easyPocket is the universal remote control with an additional display.
  • With the eCharger, Signia hearing aids that are equipped with rechargeable batteries can be charged overnight.
  • With the easyTek app and the touchControl app (both for iOS and Android), many hearing aid settings can be made simply and intuitively via smartphone.

The various accessories can be used with virtually all Signia hearing aids, depending on the model.

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