primax: The ideal hearing aids for Music

If you’re like most people, you can’t imagine your life without music. Whether it’s to relax and unwind or for getting pumped up at the gym, we can all agree that music has a major impact on our lives.

If you’re like most people, you can’t imagine your life without music. Whether it’s to relax and unwind or for getting pumped up at the gym, we can all agree that music has a major impact on our lives.

However, for those with hearing loss, this impact can be significantly undermined. If only a limited part of the dynamic range and frequency range of a patient’s favourite music is audible, the experience is simply not the same. And unfortunately, this problem is not always solved with modern hearing aids.

Speech Banana vs. “Music Watermelon”

The primary goal of hearing aids and the typical fitting is to provide optimum speech intelligibility. The processing of other inputs, including music, is secondary.

Think of it this way. We all know that the “Speech Banana” represents the area of speech sounds on the audiogram. If we apply the same analogy to music, we’d have a “Music Watermelon” (full credit for this term goes to our colleague, Dr. Gyorgy Varallyay).

Hearing aids are optimised to process the banana, and not the much bigger watermelon! Therefore, we shouldn’t expect hearing aids programmed for speech understanding to also be set ideally for the enjoyment of music.

HD Music

The frequency-intensity visualisation of the human audible range― the most typical sounds of music and speech. If we call the speech area a “Speech Banana”, we could call the area of the music sounds a “Music Watermelon”.

Hearing Aids Made Especially for Music Lovers

We all know that hearing aids have become more powerful and sophisticated. Thus it’s no surprise that wearers are demanding not only optimal performance for speech processing, but also for music.  Fortunately, this is a demand that our new Signia primax hearing aids can fulfil.

As a major improvement upon the binax music program, itself an industry benchmark, primax offers three HD music programs. These dedicated programs are uniquely designed to capture the full range of music, in both the domains of frequency and intensity.

In other words, HD Music programs are designed to process the “Music Watermelon.” HD Music maximises the enjoyment of music, whether wearers are listening to recorded music, attending a live concert, or making music themselves.

Recorded Music

The Recorded Music program is meant for use at home or other indoor spaces where speakers play recorded music. This is for those occasions when wearers want to sit back in their favourite chair with a glass of wine, close their eyes, and savour their favourite CDs and music files. This is not for occasions where the music is played in the background for a dinner or party.

Live Music

The Live Music program should be activated for when attending a concert―whether it’s AC/DC, a Mozart concerto, or anything in between. With its extended dynamic input range and 12 kHz frequency range, it is designed to deliver the full experience of a live concert.

Musician Program

Although musicians may lose their hearing, they rarely lose their love of making music. Enter the Musician program, specially created for hearing aid wearers who are playing a musical instrument or singing. More than just for professionals performing onstage, this program would also be appreciated by amateur band members during practice or karaoke enthusiasts enjoying an evening out with friends.

HD Music is featured in all primax hearing aids

While 7px wearers can choose from all three programs, 5px and 3px instruments feature a unified HD Music program that is effectively the Recorded Music program with an extended dynamic input range. Designed to satisfy the most passionate music lovers, HD Music will be appreciated by all primax wearers.

You can learn more about primax hearing aids and all their advanced capabilities by speaking to your local Clinical Specialist today.