Signia TeleCare: Your personal connection to success

This fall, audiology technology leader Signia is launching a revolution in professional hearing healthcare: TeleCare enables Hearing Care Professionals to take support for new hearing aid wearers to an entirely new level.

From your computer to your customer’s smartphone, TeleCare’s intuitive myHearing smartphone app for wearers and easy-to-use professional portal offer you a whole new way to be closer to your customers – wherever they may be.

How many times have you heard a customer complain that they did not enjoy trying out a new hearing aid, for example because the rustle of a newspaper sounded too loud or street noise made them wince? Such common complaints can delay acclimatisation and adoption of new hearing aids, even leading disappointed wearers to hand the hearing aids back without giving them a chance.

During the critical “make or break” trial period – when the customer is using the hearing aids for the first time – the wearer is on their own for the first critical weeks. Working with Hearing Care Professionals like yourself, we have developed an innovative way to fix this “blind spot.”

For the customer:

A range of exercises in levels of difficulty help wearers become quickly accustomed to their new hearing aids and get used to hearing clearly again.

  • Listening exercises
  • Guided assistance
  • Personal progress reported through ratings and customer feedback
  • CareChat: text, voice and video communication
  • Frequently asked questions

For the Hearing Care Professional:

  • Enhance your customers’ experience
  • Monitor wearers’ personal progress in real-time
  • View customer feedback
  • Communicate via the CareChat text, voice or video channels
  • Prepare for customer appointments
  • Address issues immediately, before they turn into returns
  • Perform basic fine-tuning of hearing aids remotely

Signia TeleCare offers you five key advantages:

1. Excite and motivate your customers.

Engaging step-by-step listening exercises and guided assistance help new wearers learn and adapt quickly to their hearing aids, promoting faster acclimatisation.

2. Transparency on customer satisfaction in real time.

Structured wearer feedback on individual listening situations and overall ratings provide valuable insights into your customers’ personal progress so you can identify issues and initiate contact or prepare in advance for their visit.

3. Stay closer to your customers through easy communication.

Real-time text, voice and video CareChat capabilities enable easy and direct communication with your customers so you can troubleshoot any problems quickly and efficiently, saving you time and appointments.

4. Make your customers happy – wherever they are, wherever you are.

The ability to change selected parameters in your customers’ hearing aids remotely via Signia TeleLink greatly improves the speed and convenience of minor adjustments. It thereby helps you to minimise disruptions in the initial adoption period and avoid extra visits to your clinic.

5. All your customers can experience the benefits. 

TeleCare is an ideal application for all your customers as it works with all Signia hearing aids and is optimised for Signia primax products.

With TeleCare, you will be able to provide a higher quality of service, efficient patient acclimatisation, and ultimately, more satisfied patients. TeleCare delivers the future of hearing healthcare and it enables you to achieve a new level of success and growth in your business.

Find our more on our website: https://www.signia-pro.com.au/telecare/