Super Power. Super features.

The latest technological advancements of the primax platform are now available to people with even the most profound hearing loss in the form of our new Motion SP hearing aid – the super power champion in our Power Range. primax delivers the best speech comprehension in noisy environments, often the most daunting challenge that prevents many people with profound hearing loss from taking part in social occasions.

Delivering maximum levels of amplification, Motion SP boasts a compact housing and a much improved fitting range. It has all the features a hearing aid of its class requires, including an optional audio shoe for direct audio input and integrated push and rocker switch controls. The ergonomic slim-neck design provides a discreet fit behind the ear and a high degree of wearing comfort.

Small yet powerful.

Complementing Motion SP as a BTE choice in our Power Range is our proven, sleek Motion P primax hearing aid. It meets the needs of wearers who require every bit of audibility available while providing excellent reliability and ease of use. For extra discretion, Motion P is also available with a ThinTube.