Workflow Tools: Counseling Suite

Counseling Suite - Competent and customised consultation

Our Counseling Suite enhances your consultations, workflow and customer satisfaction by facilitating well-structured information that can easily be tailored to your customers’ needs.

Each hearing loss is different and so are your clients. Some of them might already be wearing hearing aids and want to buy new ones. Maybe their hearing loss has changed since their last visit or they are looking for new features that will ease their every day life with hearing loss. Other customers are first time users. They have never been wearing a hearing aid and might have many questions on how this will affect them in the future. With the increased use of Internet, a majority of your customers (even aged 60+)  will start to look for available information online before visiting a hearing care professional.

CounselingSuite_primax_splashscreens_1856x1045pxAll these customers require a different consultation which takes their needs and their level of information into account.

Our Counseling Suite is the tool that will support you advising and informing your customer no matter how well informed or how full of questions they are. The Counseling Suite’s navigation enables you quick access to all relevant topics. In addition, the tool provides visual and audible insight into the topic of hearing loss. With the aid of the gallery function you can show your clients how various hearing instruments will look when they wear them.

The Suite also demonstrates the benefits of features in higher performance levels, helping customers understand how advanced hearing aids can improve their everyday life and finally your customer’s satisfaction.

Does that sound interesting? Then download our Counseling Suite App and start to enhance your consultations, workflow and customer satisfaction with this powerful, versatile tool. Follow this link for more information and download links.

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