Workflow Tools: iScan II

iScan II - Less time spent consulting, ordering and fitting

Less time spent consulting, ordering and fitting. The new ear impression scanner iScan II as well as the new fitting software Connexx Eight fulfill the promise of this motto.

Quick ear impression

The new ear impression scanner iScan II is not only smaller than its popular predecessor, but it also works faster and more accurately. With its sleek design, the device is perfectly integrated into any work environment. The ear impression scan now only takes 60 to 70 seconds, which is about half of the time it used to take. The iScan II scans to a precision of 1/50th of a millimeter. However, should modifications be necessary, these can easily be described on the screen with the corresponding software so that these changes are taken into consideration in production.

Fast ordering

With the associated software, the ear impressions created with iScan II can be transmitted independently of the manufacturer. All it takes is a few clicks. When ordering hearing aids from the Sivantos Group, the entire process can also be tracked online – from the order to production to delivery. iScan II is integrated in the Sivantos e-ordering process as well as the industry conventional management software Noah 3 and 4, including e-ordering browser and office automation integration. In addition, all data is stored in the Connexx database and can easily be sent by e-mail if necessary.

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