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This is a practical webinar which will cover how to successfully set-up and manage Bluetooth hearing aids as well as troubleshoot any issues. The webinar is suitable for any clinicians or front-of-house staff that fit or manage Bluetooth hearing aids. During the webinar, we’ll be going through a full range of topics including:


  • Pairing Hearing aids- How a bad pairing can unknowingly effect streaming and connectivity
  • Pairing to Android- How the pairing differs to MFi
  • What to do when a pairing fails (Android / Apple)

 General Operation

  • Handsfree calling- How to manipulate the phone settings to maximise the functionality for iPhone
  • How the settings of the phone can affect the apps and functionality of streaming

 Advanced Functionality

  • Hands-free calling and integration with virtual assistant software (Siri / Bixby)
  • Muting the Microphones of the hearing aids while streaming audio

 Support Tools

  • Tech support hand outs and videos