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In the current environment, hearing healthcare is challenging. Clinicians need to deliver personalised care, but at the same time minimise where possible, direct contact with their clients.

To better assist you and to keep you operational in these challenging times Signia has developed a range of tools to help instruct you on the best ways to manage your practice remotely with Signia TeleCare.

Among other benefits, TeleCare offers remote fine-tuning, which assists with critical business processes. This page is a hub where you can find all you need to know about TeleCare:

  1. How TeleCare can support your business
  2. How to use Signia TeleCare (videos)
  3. Resources on Signia TeleCare
  4. TeleCare FAQs
  5. What Audiologists think of TeleCare
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How can TeleCare support your business

Remote Tuning

TeleCare offers remote fine-tuning, which assists with the following critical business processes:

  1. Hearing aid fittings – If you have already performed an assessment, but your client cannot attend the clinic for the fitting, why not mimicFit the new hearing aids to their current hearing aid settings. You can then use TeleCare to fine-tune them remotely if required*.
  2. Finalising current fittings – If you have already done a fitting appointment, but your client cannot attend the clinic for a follow-up, why not do a remote follow-up appointment with your client. You can use TeleCare to fine-tune the hearing aids if required. Remote follow-ups are now supported under HSP.
  3. General support of your clients – It is likely that many of your clients will need support but are unable to come to the clinic. Why not use Telecare to engage and maintain your existing client base. TeleCare is a great tool to provide emergency assistance to your clients who are struggling with communication in these difficult times.
  4. Generating new business – Why not use this down time to reach out to clients that are due for refits and organise remote trials of new hearing aid technology. You can then use TeleCare to fine-tune them remotely if required*.

*For HSP clients you will need to, at some stage, perform a full “face-to-face” fitting in order to complete a claim. However, there are obvious benefits to your clients in being able to use and acclimatise to the new hearing aids (during the time they are unable to see you).

Remote Tuning - Two fold application

TeleCare has a two-fold application, either via a portal (website, accessible from any computer, tablet or phone connected to the internet), or via our Connexx software.

Basic remote fine-tuning is available for ALL Signia hearing aids, including primax, Nx, Xperience and Styletto, with or without Bluetooth and regardless of performance level. Basic remote tuning is done via the portal with settings pushed to the wearer’s mobile phone. Wearers can accept and update their hearing aids at their convenience. This method can be used at any time, since there is no need for an active connection between the clinician and the client.

Full, live remote fine-tuning from Connexx is available with Signia Bluetooth hearing aids. This relies on an active Bluetooth connection between the phone and the hearing aids. Please note that currently due to the high demand and pressure on the country’s telecommunications infrastructure, during live remote fine-tuning, connectivity between the clinician and the client’s phone may become unstable or interrupted. If this occurs, please consider using basic remote fine-tuning via the portal.


Stay in closer contact with your clients via chat messages, voice or video call. You can use TeleCare to communicate directly via your clients’ smartphone. It takes less time than traditional practice visits and allows you to troubleshoot any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Daily Satisfaction Ratings

Predict trial success with ease, by monitoring how your clients feel about their hearing experience on a daily basis. Clients get a daily reminder to leave a satisfaction rating in the Signia app. You can then see their ratings, comments and wearing time in TeleCare, so you can promptly intervene to help e.g. by remote tuning.

Hearing Lessons

Give your clients the opportunity to get to know their hearing aid at their own pace. They can rate their experience of the situations they are in, which makes the differences between devices visible – and clients feel listened too. Making it much easier, to select the right hearing aid.

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